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We are developing on-line Interactive Tools and Knowledge Bases to automate Human Expert Routine Logical Reasoning.


The greatest advantage of our technology is Knowledge Representation. Expert Knowledge, once captured in the model, allows being used in one or other direction for various types of reasoning. Which means, that system not just
  • automatically Consults - i.e. provides expert decision on the user question, but also
  • runs "What If"s - to show how expert decision would change if user changes inputs, and
  • runs "How To"s - to show what should be changed in the user input to bring the user to the desired goal (expert decision).
On this site we are testing new on-line Expert System Engine Dedal and Knowledge Bases, and run sample consultations.

Consulting with Dedal is an interactive process of getting Expert Decision on one of the available Consultation questions.

How it works

During dialog DEDAL will ask you questions related to the case and will provide its "Expert Decision(s)".

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Question-Answer Image Report Explanation What If How To
Consulting Report Explanation What If How To

Answering a question

  • build your answer from available choices or enter your own if provided,
  • see the History of answers and current expert intermediate decisions,
  • move back and change answers,
  • see Comment or additional DEDAL consulting for the question,
  • check the logic of why this question is asked under the current Rule tab.

Result of Consultation

is a Report page, which
  • can be customized through Template for Report (Forms, templates for legal docs, etc.),
  • downloaded in MS Word format for future formating.
  • lead to Explanation, What If and How To mode pages.

On Explanation page

  • check out the Decision Tree,
  • click links in statements to get Why a particular Decision was made,
  • find formal Rule that was used by DEDAL, and
  • texts and sources this Rule was built on

On What If page

  • change any of your answers,
  • supply for new inference,
  • new decision or continuation of consultation will open in a new window.

On How To page

  • set the desired outcome, and
  • supply for new inference,
  • get sdvice what in your case should be changed to get you to this goal.

Domain of legal knowledge is used for samples

Following sample Knowledge Bases and Consultations demonstrate different DEDAL features and possible uses.

  • IRS Publication 17 and some Tax Code Articles are used as an example to automate consulting on tax or any other regulations.
  • FBAR Decision Tree was developed to demonstrate how knowledge captured in paper chartflows can be transformed for automated consulting.
  • Choice of Entity Knowledge Base is an ongoing project with a well-known Royse Law Firm, PC, to help emerging businesses choose appropriate business form.

Ongoing are projects to demonstrate how the DEDAL can build legal forms and documents based on a client case situation.

Disclaimer: Expert Decisions produced by the Dedal expert system ARE NOT legal advice. Running sample consultations does not establish attorney-client relationship between you and owners of the website. The website does not save the data you provide, but you cannot expect confidentiality of the consultation.
Use Dedal consultations just as you would use any other published source with author's personal opinion on some hypothetical case.

Technology Overview

Relational Data Model and Relational Algebra is used to represent Knowledge.
Deductive Logic powers the main Inference Engine.
XML data format is used for Knowledge Bases storage.

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