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DEDAL Expert System
We are developing on-line Interactive Tools and Knowledge Bases to automate Human Expert Routine Logical Reasoning.

In brief,

  • for users, our solution will save time and money on getting first level of expert advice in moment and place they need it (not where expert resides),

  • for businesses, will add value by attaching "knowledge layer" to the product or service, and decrease expenses on human resources for serving customers with typical cases,

  • for everybody, is an educational tool to learn some captured expert knowledge and train herself through the safe repeated playing around.

We are looking for individuals and businesses willing to capture and share their expertise.

At the moment this project runs as a scientific research, but eventually will be launched as a Startup.

This project is a continuation of ICaR Expert Systems project.

Looking forward for your comments.

Developer Sergiy Fedorov is a Lawyer and Computer Scientist.

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